Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scrap-It-Lah April Month of Blog Hop Challenges

We can't believe that its been a year since we started Scrap-it-lah and so far - we have to thank all our readers for their support.  We would not have lasted if you lovely readers were not here to egg us on with your submissions and support month after month.  With that - we would thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us.

This month - we would like to reward you for your patronage to our websites.  We have not only 1 rak for you but we have SIX (6),  all SIX from the DTs themselves!  How does it work?

Easy - we are going to post a challenge every 5 days in every respective DT's blog and its your choice to join the challenge or not.  All you have to do is to check the Scrap-it-lah blog every few days to see what RAK is posted and which DT blog we are sending you to.  When you click on the link to the DT's blog,  you will find your challenge waiting for you.

To add on the level of difficulty,  each challenge is only valid for 5 days and you will have to scrap a layout and present it  to us within that 5 days.  Sounds really simple right?  You are most welcome to submit an entry (One Entry) for any of the DT challenge and we have prepared another RAK for the scrapper who has the most amount of submissions in the different DTs challenges.  What an easy way of winning RAKs!

Without further ado,  we present our first blog hop challenge.  In order to win the very first RAK below,  do click on the link here for your first challenge.

Do check back every couple of days for our next DT challenge.  In the meantime,  Scrap-It-Lah!

Conditions do apply:

Please send in your submissions either via our email at or through our comments section by the stipulated DT challenge deadline. Kindly note that we are unable to entertain any layout that is sent after the stipulated time and please note that the layout sent should solely be submitted for the Scrap-It-Lah challenge and not for any other challenges. Yes, we welcome international submissions as we would love to see Scrap-It-Lah grow.


  1. LOVE your way of celebrating!! It looks like lots of fun!!

  2. What a great way to celebrate. Hope I can participate! :-)

  3. Happy birthday SIL!! Woohoo!! Fun time!!!

  4. Woo Hoo!! Happy 1st Anniversary to SIL!! Cheers to many more years to come. Ladies.... do join us in the blog hop :)

  5. yeahh.. happy birthday SIL!!! this gonna be grrrrrreatt!

  6. Ooohhhh..i wish every mth is April at SIL!!! hahaha..ladies count me in!! provided i'm still breathing air u'll see my entry on every DT's blog!!! hahaha..i love u guys for offering such a tempting rack!! n Happy Anniversary SIL..:)

  7. Happy birthday!!!! Love love love this challenge!!!

    HOpe I get the time to do more!!

    Here's mine


  8. Completed my LO for your first challenge :-)

  9. happy anv SIL..cheers to more years :)

  10. submitted mine by email last nite... hope you received it! :)