Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July Challenge

Hi ladies! Here is the Scrap-It-Lah's July challenge. We would like to present you the Malaysian Breakfast Challenge.

Malaysian Breakfast Challenge
Is anyone hungry? The following consists of what a typical Malaysian breakfast will be.
 Your challenge this month would be to order your own version of a Malaysian breakfast using the items below.

1. For this challenge you need to make your own combo meal consisting of 4 items- a main dish, a side dish, dessert, and don't forget the drink!

2. Each item on the menu corresponds with something that you must use on your layout. 
You may scrap on any theme.

3. All layouts need to be new and submitted only for Scrap-it-Lah. You may not recycle any old layouts for this challenge. 

4. All orders must be placed by Friday the 31st July, 2009, 12 am (Malaysian Time)

5. Here's the menu. Please post you order as a reply in this thread. Remember you are ordering one (1) main dish, one side dish, one dessert and one drink.

Main Dish:
Nasi Lemak = Use chipboards/stickers
Mee Goreng = Use ribbon
Nasi Kerabu = Use glitter
Curry Laksa = Use buttons
Lontong = Use brads

Side Dish :
Ayam Goreng = Journal on paper strips
Sambal Sotong = Handwritten Journaling
Telur Goreng = Journal around something
Roti Canai = Journal on your photo
Sambal Petai Udang = Hidden journaling

Dessert :
Curry Puff = Use rhinestones/crystals
Kueh Lapis = use paint/ink
Kueh Koci = Sew on your layout
Pisang Goreng = Use rub-ons
Ang Koo = Use staples

Drinks :
Teh Tarik = Make your own patterned paper
Kopi = Use Black or White cardstock
Air Bandung = Use polka dot paper
Teh O' Ais Limau= Your choice of papers
Milo = Use striped paper

Let's look at what our Designer Team members had ordered:

Mazlina's Breakfast:
Title: Someone Is Watching Over Me

Nasi Lemak = Use chipboards/stickers
Ayam Goreng = Journal on paper strip
Curry Puff = Use rhinestones/crystals
Teh O' Ais Limau= Your choice of papers

Jessy's Breakfast:
Title: M is for Memories

Nasi Lemak = Use chipboards/stickers
Sambal Sotong = Handwritten Journaling
Kueh Lapis = use paint/ink
Teh O' Ais Limau= Your choice of papers

Michelle's Breakfast:
Title: Ninja

Nasi Lemak = Use chipboards/stickers
Sambal Sotong = Handwritten Journaling
Kueh Koci = Sew on your layout
Teh O' Ais Limau= Your choice of papers

Nilla's breakfast:
Title: Monkey

Mee Goreng = Use ribbon
Telur Goreng = Journal around something
Pisang Goreng = Use rub-ons
Teh O' Ais Limau= Your choice of papers


  1. Wah!!! Really challenging need to do lo with the 'menu' ha ha!!

  2. Love this challenge! You are all rocking this blog darls! Wonderful layouts.Stunning!

  3. This sounds familiar ahahaha Will play along soon ;)

  4. Awesome challenge guys!! I love that you link the names of the dishes so that ppl will know what they are.
    Will give this a try!!

  5. Great take Dt's!!! Great challenge too!!!

    Here's my entry/ order:
    "Me and Grandpa"


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    Plz Checkout my website for the July Challenge...



  7. Great challenge Mich.

    Here's my entry:


  8. here's mine.... it's past midnight so I'm not sure if it'll be accepted :)

  9. Hi Quirky - we will accept the submission this time but please do try to submit within the stipulated deadline for your next submission. Thanks for playing along.