Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crop Party Reminders

Hi ladies,  we are all excited and all anticipating eagerly for our very first crop party at Scrappingville. Just a friendly reminder of what to bring on that day:

You will need all of the things that you normally use to scrap:

E.g.  Scissors,  cutters,  gluestick or any other adhesives, embellishments or if you wish to buy in store - that is fine too,  patterned paper and cardstock and photos.  

We have a couple of exciting activities lined up for you.  Can't wait to see you there!!!


  1. yey.. so excited! this time i wont bring the whole of my stash.. or people will think that i am auctioning off my stuffs again! hehe

  2. LOL - you are so funny Mazlina. Can't wait to meet you too...

  3. wuhooo let the countdown begins :)

  4. I had a smashing time, lets do this often! Thank you Michelle and lovely to meet you Wati! Hugs Nilla

  5. Yes Nilla, point taken. I have discussed with Jessy. We will try every 6-8 weeks. Hope to see you then - yes, after your trip...